ISBN 0.940208.15.6

Joani Blank


Down There Press, 1993.

Down There in True Color

I like to draw the attention of readers to a most unusual book, the title of which, short for FEMale genitALIA, has been adopted from Nicholson Baker's erotic novel Vox.

More than any other book published in the past, this small work is truly open and honest about the yoni (vulva), showing her in all her variety (size, shape and texture) and splendor (colors and detail). This unique and beautiful work has been compiled, and is introduced, by Joani Blank, the publisher of Down There Press and (co)author of various other publications about sexuality.

The 32 photographs have been taken by two women (Tee Corinne and Jill Posener) and two men (Michael Perry and Michael A. Rosen); a well chosen balance. Equally well chosen are the women who dared to be the models; they are different in age and genetic background, some have born children and others have not.

The yonis here shown are sometimes closed, sometimes (held) wide open, some are shaved and a few are pierced, some have been photographed from close by (4-5 cm) and some from more afar (10-25 cm). The photographs are well printed in true (skin) colors.

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