Eve's Secrets


Josephine Lowndes Sevely

Eve's Secrets

A Revolutionary Perspective on Human Sexuality
later edition: A New Theory of Female Sexuality

Collins, 1987.
Paperback, 213 pages

Female Ejaculation & the Male Clitoris

There are not many works in recent history that are both so revolutionary and neglected as this one; and since its publication in 1987, it has appeared in a very few bibliographies only. Why? Simply because it challenges the concept that the clitoris is an "atrophied penis" and replaced it with the notion that the penis is rather a special case of the clitoris.

Carefully researched and documented in detail, the author examines all kinds of misconceptions about female anatomy and sexuality, male-generated concepts ranging from ancient Hebrew and Greek sources to the most up-to-date gynaecological textbooks. In the proces, she not only supplies the reader with valuable details that may change their way of making love, but she certainly steps on some people's toes.

Both scientific and readable, this is a very valuable book; only the illustrations could have been done with a bit more of sensitivity and creativity.

Review: RCC