ISBN 3.434.46063.2

Georges Devereux


Die Mythische Vulva

Syndikat, Frankfurt, 1983. Out of Print
Paperback, 202 pages

Perhaps available at a library near you

For those who read French (La vulve mythique, 1983) or German, this is a very interesing book concerning the myths of Baubo and associated figures such as the equally famous Sheela-na-gig (see cover). The author looks at these myths from the viewpoint of modern (the 70's) psychoanalysis and has collected a large array of illustrations (B/W) to validate his discussion.

Some of the same illustrations have appeared - though redrawn - in the 13 year later publication on Baubo by Lubell; and I guess that some of the information will be discussed in the not yet published work by Monika Gsell: Die Bedeutung der Baubo. Zur Repräsentation des weiblichen Genitales. ISBN 3.86109147.X

Review: RCC