Blackledge. The Story of V

ISBN 0.297.60706.5

Catherine Blackledge

The Story of V

Opening Pandora's Box

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2003.
Hardcover, 322 pages

Fascinating Research

I admit it right away, I do own a signed copy of this book even though I never met the author. Also, my own work is mentioned several times in this book, and both Christina and myself have even contributed photographs to THE STORY OF V (as in Vulva - not Vagina!).
So this review of mine may be suspect to some, yet again to others my enthusiasm will be credible simply because I am the author of 'The Yoni'.

All I really want to say is that this great new book charts an incredible amount of territory where I have not been before. Although the author has been - in two chapters - obviously guided and inspired by my own work, she has now made available to us many fascinating details and plenty of new research (from biology and medicine) which makes this book a great successor - which I really would have liked to have written myself.

Don't expect anything lavishly illustrated like my own book, rather expect a scientifically sound and amazing collection of (often brand new) facts that show the yoni to be highly intelligent, extremely selective (as far as breeding is concerned) and more orgasmic than Freud or Jung ever dared to even think. Simply a MUST for all aficionados - AND from a woman this time.

The only critical note I have goes to the publisher rather than the author. On the dust jacket they make it appear as if it is news that men have a clitoris as well. Josephine Lowndes Sevely told us as much in 1987, and yours truly [RCC] has stated and described it most clearly in three different books way before 2003: in 1991, 1996, and 1999.

Review: RCC
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A persuasive and exhaustive study of the history, culture and reproductive power of female genitalia - the author is a phenomenal researcher and movingly enthusiastic about her special subject.
Joanna Briscoe, The Guardian

Her quest moves from the mythic to the scientific, presented in a lively, accessible style - an empowering and enlightening book.
Katie Donovan, The Irish Times

The Story of V reveals the ancient and newfound powers of the vagina. It is full of mystery and secrets and truth. If we only knew what we had under our skirts! Learn the story - read this book.
Eve Ensler

A serious and well-researched look at how attitudes and information have changed over the centuries ... This would be a great book to give to your man for his birthday. If you've got a girlfriend, well, read it together. It is completely fascinating. Oh, and did you know - V is never still - no never ...
Jeanette Winterson